Corso Imperium kennel is located in beautiful city of Krusevac, Serbia. We are Cane Corso breeder dedicated to breeding and training a quality Italian mastiff. We only breed a healthy dogs with excellent temperaments which have been tested in real world situation. Our dogs and puppies are raised with best care and lot of love. All of our puppies are sold with the best health guarantee available and a lifetime of breeder support.

As Cane Corso breeders we pride ourselves on being able to provide you with the best advice and information on how to look after your dog or puppy. We can help with training, diet, exercise, vet care, and ensuring your Puppies grow into obedient family companions.

They are large, athletic and muscular mastiffs. They are extremely gentle with children and playful with their family yet very protective with strangers. With proper training and socialization they make an excellent combination of family companion and protector. They are also known as the ‘Italian Mastiff’.

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